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Essential maintenance - 4:30am – 6:30am

We are carrying out essential maintenance to our card and phone payment services. These services will be unavailable from 4:30am to 6:30am. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

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Students are billed for the time they are tenants of a property. For example if you sign a tenancy agreement from 1st July, we will bill you from 1st July.

The way in which we bill will vary between properties with a meter and those without a meter:

  • Metered properties, we will bill you based on the water you use, measured in cubic metres, plus a fixed charge based on the size of meter at the property. Find out more information about our metered charges. If no water is used then only the fixed charges will apply.
  • We will bill unmeasured properties from the date your tenancy starts to 31st March. From 1st April a new bill will be issued for the next 12 months for which you are responsible until you move out.

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