Dwr Cymru Welsh Water

Installing data loggers

We know that using your water efficiently not only helps to reduce water wastage but as business customer, you pay for all the water that passes through your meter – so it also makes good financial sense to minimise any waste.

To help you understand how much water your business is using, we can install a temporary data logger to monitor your usage level. We can do this at one supply point or at several supply points across your network. It’s simple and straightforward and won’t impact on the water and sewerage services we currently provide.


By installing a temporary data logger meter, we can help you:

  • understand when you are using high or low volumes of water
  • confirm whether there are may be issues such as leakage within your network
  • produce data that may be needed during any incidents, emergencies or changes in business activity
  • analyse your needs so that you can plan effectively for the future
  • assess if we can reduce the size of your meter which will save you money

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