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Changing the size of your water meter

Your water and sewerage charges are based on the amount of water you use, plus a fixed charge based on the size of your meter.

It’s really important to have the correct size meter – if it is too small, it could reduce your water pressure or damage the meter. It could also affect the supply of water to firefighting equipment such as hydrants, hosepipes or sprinklers. However, if it’s too big, you could end up paying too much.

Water MetersWhen we install your meter, we will fit one that matches the size of your water pipe. Over time, the amount of water you use at your premises may increase or decrease due to:

  • Changes in terms of what you do which could require more or less water
  • New equipment which uses more or less water
  • Implementing water efficiency measures

  • If you believe your meter is smaller or larger than is needed to supply water at times of heavy use, you could either reduce the size of your meter to save money, or increase the size to meet your water needs.

    What do I need to do?

    To find out if your meter is the right size to meet your needs, we’ll attach a flow monitoring device to it, or to your pipework, to check how much water you use during peak demand.

    We’ll then use this information to select a suitable meter for your business. How it works…two simple steps:

    1. After receiving your application, we’ll visit your premises to look at your water supply pipe and fit a flow monitor to the existing meter or pipework.

    2. We’ll come back five to ten days later to remove the flow monitor and look at the results. This helps us work out what size meter you need before sending you a quote on how much it will cost to replace your meter.

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